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-Online Guitar Lessons-

Open to beginners, intermediate and advanced. Im a self taught musician who has come up with my own style of guitar playing over the past 25 years, i would love to share with you my knowledge and secrets.

I have created a nice learning package which will give you the ability to play your guitar a lot more in depth, we will go through all the different styles of guitar play including tapping, percussion, fingerstyles, harmonics, strumming and alternative tuningsall of which would help anyone interested in learning the guitar, or if your just wanting to take your own skills to the next level, i honestly believe if you could give me 10 hours of your time, i could explain to you more deeply my own approach and hopefully show you how i see the guitar, also giving you my own personal private practices, you will be able to walk away smiling with lots of new secrative knowledge, and also guitar skills ready to catch anyones eye.

1 Lesson:  40 EUR
3 Lessons: 
100 EUR
10 Lessons:  250 EUR

Each lesson ranges from 70 to 90 minutes.


- Skype or ZOOM & WATSAPP
- A webcam and decent microphone;
- Viable audio speakers -headphones
- Your guitar - i recommend you use gauge 10 or 11 Elixir strings, they are best for the harmonics and also have a nice soft coating which make the strings feel very soft, perfect for tapping and sliding.
- To improve and get anywhere with the guitar i recommend a minimum of 1 lesson a week.
- You will receive private unreleased guitar loops, used as part of homework and for yourself to jam with and improve your ability to play with others. 


-The Lessons-

I would firstly like to get to know you, and see what stage your at with music and the guitar, then together we can tailer the sessions to your needs and goals.

I will give you a full run down on what i think is best for acoustic guitar playing, and also answer any questions you may have regarding electronic equipment.

We will go through the composition process and also the different types of improvisation methods. I will show you all types of playing the guitar including elbow beats, strumming styles, harmonic picking, tapping and alternative lap play, also different guitar tunings, all of which will help you design your own songs, i can also help with any tunes you desire to play.

-Payments & Cancellations-

- Payments must be made in full at least 24 hours before the lesson takes place.
- If no payment is done by then, I will take that as a cancellation and no lesson will take place. We can reschedule if need be!
Please contact me for best method of payment.

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